Startup Weekend Luxembourg: Meet the teams!



It’s the last day of Startup Weekend Luxembourg! Now, we will introduce a sneak preview of all the 11 teams that were selected in the Friday session. After hours of intense brainstorming, coaching and creating, they are now ready to present their final pitches to the Jury.

Ujum – a platform that helps you find micro-jobs in your area – “micro-jobbing for micro-money”!
3D Bay – a platform where you can find a place to print your 3D files.
Artease – a website where artists can display their art for sale and potential buyers to name their own price on the pieces of art they would be willing to buy.
ContinuousPHP – a Continuous Integration Solution specially tailored for your PHP Development, customizable, scalable and ready in a minute.
MyLoveList – a social application that helps you list your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, build your dating stats and challenge your friends!
PlusPonics – a scalable autonomous system for growing produce in any environment with low resource consumptions and with a 30 to 50% yield increase.
Consumplan – a smartphone application that helps you manage your food to reduce waste and save costs.
Boutique Biography – an internet-based service enabling mainly baby-boomers to create a personalised biography easily.
Clarity Creator – an innovative ecosystem to enable content creators to apply copyright attributes.
Life Filters – a platform for integrating advertising in user submitted images.
Flatshop – a website offering the translation help that E-commerce needs.

The final pitches will start in less than an hour. Stay tuned to see who will be the ultimate winner of Startup Weekend Luxembourg this May!