Last Startup Weekend Luxembourg – Project Status – Clarity Creator/GenCreo


At last Startup weekend, held at Technoport last May, 5 individuals with shared interest  and passion for respectful online behavior and fair use of digital content, formed a team and worked on pitched idea , originally named “Clarity Creator” .


After the Startup weekend, all the team members decided to continue developing the idea further, formed a legal entity and participated in ICT Spring 2013* (June 19+20) . Before ICT Spring, three additional members joined the team. Being a passionate group of people that love creative ideas and technology,  it was decided to name the company  GenCreo,  a combination of two Latin words, Gen(s)  and Creo. (Gens : nation, people, tribe. / Creo : to create, make. =  Group of people that – love to – create and make.)


Positive feedback and results from ICT Spring lifted the enthusiasm and determination to higher levels and in the last few months the team has made good use of facilities and support at The Impactory and Technoport, working together on a volunteer, minimal expense basis, to realize the creation and launch of GenCreo’s first product ImCreo.  This period has turned into a beginning of an extraordinary human adventure that easily draws to it talented people with great ideas, willing to contribute, support, and participate in its realization.

These multinational individuals showed up for the Startup Weekend Luxembourg with open mindset, willing to explore and develop their entrepreneurial desires.

Little did they know or expect it would actually open up the world of entrepreneurship and have a positive impact on their lives.

Take a look at their landing page: