Last Startup Weekend Luxembourg – Project Status – PlusPonics


Do you remember PlusPonics –  a scalable autonomous system for growing fresh produce in any environment?

What happenned to them since May? Here are the latest news from the team!


Yes, PlusPonics is still alive and advancing.

At first, they were selected for the 123GO Business Model program.

The current goal of PlusPonics is to provide means for companies to grow fresh and organic produce anywhere, anytime.

They are currently working on a proof of concept, which includes the growing system, electronic devices and software.

Working on this is a small team of 5 people, including some from the Startup Weekend event.


You can follow the project on Twitter (@PlusPonics) and we hope they will soon have a landing page

Don’t be surprised to see no tweets and no website: they’re staying silent about their developments until the proof of concept is fully operational.