Last Startup Weekend Luxembourg – Project Status – ContinuousPHP


The adventure continues for ContinuousPHP!

Sunday, May 26 2013,  ContinuousPHP team won the first prize at the Startup Weekend Luxembourg with their project of a platform as a service for PHP continuous intégration & delivery.

Beyond the fantastic experience of the weekend itself, a real human adventure is set up around a common goal: to provide via a single platform the opportunity to PHP developers to enjoy the enormous benefits of continuous integration & delivery without having to worry about maintaining it.

Over the last four months, the team has gradually evolved around the founders and been enriched by new skills with the arrival of new team members.

Their main goal is the completion of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), still for 2013.


Their meetings are held at least every two weeks in the beautiful facility of the Technoport Esch Belval, one of the many advantages offered to the winners.

And that’s not all ! The project has also recently been selected by 1,2,3 GO – Startup Weekend encountered – which provides them the support of free coaches.

And you will find below a message from the team:

“ContinuousPHP would like to give a BIG Thank you to the great persons who organize the Startup Weekend, the Technoport Esch Belval, 1,2,3 Go, Agile Partner and Amazon AWS for their tremendous help and support!”

Follow them on Twitter: @continuousPHP

Take a look at their website: