Startup Weekend Luxembourg May 2014: Meet the teams!


No Food Waste at workHere are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Luxembourg 05/2014. Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a demo ticket here at Hope to see you there!


We’re creating an app that allows our user to meet new people in a new area.


We aim to develop a software platform that will popularize the use of virtual objects in everyday activities, by enabling third-party developers to create applications that merge the virtual world into the real world.

CubeSAT Imaging

We provide affordable, fast and easy access to satellite services for consumers and industries. Our applications include: – Earth observation & remote sensing: satellite imaging – Accessible lab space environment: flying experiments into space – Remote control of the satellite from home for education and leisure


Gesture recognition and remote control api. Allows a domotic control over the software

No Food Waste

Reducing food waste by using expired or all-most expired products to create higher value products that generate profit for growth and charity.


Sex4Pet will help your animal to find love!


Connecting IT volunteers with NGOs

Happy Mondays

Organizing social and entertainment activities for company’s employees to foster their motivation and productivity.


Global-FundHub is a consulting agency that you can reach through a website platform. Our aim is to help people with any interesting idea, project or need for business development. We will advise them on how to position their offer on the market and make their communication more efficient hence maximizing their chances of getting funded. Effektivnet, the technology we use, will allow spreading instantly these ideas on all the existing crowdfunding websites. On another hand, our company can accompany a “person without idea” that only wants to invest in a random project or take a freelance license. The company will be there to present him/her a panel of projects he/she may be interested in. This will be a “consulting firm like” working as a central platform linked to all platforms.